SPSS 25.0

Statistics software with hundreds of graphical options, great analytical features and numerous language choices

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SPSS 25.0
SPSS (64 Bit) 20

SPSS Statistics from IBM is a research and data management app, and this version is designed for use with 64-bit Windows systems. This version should only be downloaded if you have a 64-bit version of Windows, and older 32-bit systems can use another version of the software.

If you are a professional user that needs total manipulative control over your personal information and collected data, this feature-rich app is for you. With this software, you can use statistics and other forms of data to create illustrations and graphs that showcase the information in a succinct yet complete way. It helps you solve problems related to research and business, and it provides analytical tools through a wide range of functions, all of which are designed to make collating data easier and less stressful.

In many cases, your collected data will contain trends that even you can't detect, but SPSS includes built-in tools for studying your information on more in-depth levels. This will help you take full advantage of the data you have collected. Inside the software, you'll also find a number of methods to test variable changes so you can gauge how the data might have changed if the scenario had been different. In any case, with the hundreds of analytical methods available with SPSS, no hidden subtlety in the data will remain out of sight for long.

This piece of software has many options for sharing info and analyses, and it provides automated models for your convenience. Users will be able to control server versions of the software via the PC-based interface, and that control extends down through the mainframe servers to individual modules. It includes full integration with Microsoft Office, and it has a syntax editor. You can find some online tutorials, hints, and tricks for using this software in order to take better advantage of what it can do.

Of course, the strength of the app isn't entirely without cost. The size of the install file would make many rethink downloading the software, and it takes a long time to install. The software has so many functions, and it's designed for such advanced users, that most typical users wouldn't be able to really glean much utility from the software. One way to think of the software is like a version of Microsoft Excel designed strictly for professional use. Those who have no experience with this sort of software should probably look for something a bit more manageable to start off with.

Those who are interested in this SPSS 64-bit version will get professional control, and the software is compatible with many file formats, including PDF, DOC, PDT, DTA, SD7, DBF, W, SLK, POR, SYS, XLS, XLXS, SPV, TXT, SAV, and SPO.


  • In-Depth Analysis Tools
  • Many Graphic Options
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Numerous Sharing Methods
  • Compatible w/ Microsoft Office


  • Designed For Professional Utility
  • Complex Support Site
  • Steep Learning Curve

IBM's premier program SPSS Statistics is a deluxe tool for researchers and statisticians looking to store, process and analyze the data that they collect. This 64 bit version of the software offers the most support for the program.

This application offers an incredible set of tools that allow you to take control of your data and represent it in many different forms. Users can make graphs, charts and textual representations. There are an array of tools that allow the data to be further analyzed in order to draw conclusions that can be used to aid in the resolution of problems.

These analysis tactics allow statisticians to see trends in the data and create tests that will demonstrate correlation between variables that may not be apparent upon a cursory glance. Statisticians can also manipulate and then test the variables and simulate what the results might have been had circumstances been different. These functions make performing the difficult tests and calculations you learned in school an effortless task.

The software boasts the inclusion of automated models so you can simulate scenarios. Users are also able to use the server version of the program using the IBM mainframe. It comes equipped with a built-in editor and is compatible with Microsoft Office Suites. One of our favorite features is the vast array of sharing options. These make it simple to share your results with fellow coworkers and partners that need access to the data. The software supports all basically any format that statistics may be relevant to. The full list of supported formats are as follows: SAV, SPO, SPV, TXT, XLS, XLXS, SYS, POR, W, SLK, DBF, DTA, SD7, DOC, PDF and PPT.

With such extensive options, it is no wonder that SPSS is a space hogging download. Additionally, with so many esoteric features in the complicated world of statistics, new users can expect to invest several weeks into simply learning the intricacies of the program. Though some people compare SPSS to Excel, Excel is really just an introductory program to the infinitely more capable SPSS.

Anyone that is seriously involved in the world and language of statistics should most certainly hop on the SPSS train for optimal results.


  • loads of options for graphics
  • great analytic features
  • many sharing options
  • different language options


  • created for professional use
  • difficult to learn
  • doesn't offer much help with learning process

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